A Foolish Symphony (Wait)

from by The Foreign Films



Wait, sweet darling don't you go
I'm still dreaming after the show
But the Drive-In's getting dark,
Oh my skylark
Oh please don't go.
Are we dead and gone?
Wait, we'll sing a melody
A Foolish Symphony
The birds will ever see, flown to July sky
The sparkle in your eyes,
Don't let our love die.
Wait the hours getting late,
A tangled tale of fate
Love can be so cruel
I was such a fool, broke the golden
Darling please don't go
Oh it's been so long
Oh since our sweet love has gone
Are we dead and gone dead and gone?

Strike a chord, write a tune 3x

Maybe one day they will fall in love again
Brother that'll be the luckiest day of his life
Maybe one day he will write a song for her
Brother that'll be the luckiest day of his life

"I remember when I fell in love with you"


from The Record Collector (side 3), released July 15, 2015
Kori Pop - Lead Vocals, Piano
Bill Majoros - Drums, Guitar, Background Vocal
Carl Jennings - Bass
Wim Oudijk - String and Horn Arrangements, Pedal Steel Guitar, Assorted Tone Percussion
Kirk Starkey - Cello, Cello Arrangement

Written by Bill Majoros and Kori Pop


all rights reserved